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The Rules of Consumption

The Rules of Consumption
Various Bars downtown
Fri February 26th 2010

Sitting at a bar enjoying a conversation and a whiskey I catch the end of a statement said behind me: “…its liquor before beer, you’re in the clear.” I’ve previously heard such statements to “the surefire way to avoid hangovers,” but where this conversation went was just entertaining. Three friends who (based on their balance and dictation) were already well on their way to waking up the next day with a staggering hangover, were discussing their own personal drinking methods, all of which led to no hangover. One man’s customized plan included eating a greasy cheese steak and drinking water prior to going to bed, this seemed simply and reasonable. His friend though, had a different approach: “...I start with slamming a PBR, then a double shot of Jager, and another PBR shotgun, all in about 5 minutes.” Off the bat I’d say he’d be hung over the next day but listening on he explained the elaborate guide to drink like Axel Rose and be right as rain the next day. As he preached his glorious method I did agree with some staple tactics: greasy anything and water seems to hold off the hangover monsters, and even slamming some OJ before going to bed sounded keen. Then I lost faith and found myself spellbound as talks of “stretching” and “looking up and singing while walking” replaced the once logical methods. Ten minutes later and it was like he was reciting a Peter Jackson film with ventures to far away bars and defying the odds to get a 2lbs bag of snickers from the Walgreens by his house. Aside from custom systems and hilarious guidelines, on today’s market there are a variety of “Anti-Hangover” products ranging from pills to patches, rubbing cream and 2oz tubes crammed with enough Vitamin B and Antioxidants to turn you into a superhero, but from my experimentation all they do is keep you up which only seems to magnify the awkward stage that is “The Hangover.” Others disagree and state that these little miracles do work and they feel fine the next day. Either way I stand by my personal “Hangover Guideline” which is, if you drink a gallon of whiskey you should wake up with a hangover that could slay a walrus. Greasy foods, water, moderation, supplements, there are a lot of new and old ways to prevent that nasty Hyde lurking behind the empty pint glass or bitten lime on the bar, so get out there and discover your own.
Casey Capper

Posted by Mark Fetter on February 27th, 2010 | Permalink

Nude Vodka Release

“Nude Vodka” Release Party
Weds February 24th 2010
The Ritz Carlton Hotel Denver
A slight gust of wind sends crushed leaves and dust spiraling towards the valet stand basking in a warm glow of golden light and classical music as you approach the tall, towering doors that you would only expect from the The Ritz Carlton. At the door, you receive a kind, family-like welcome which carries into the lobby and reception desk. The reason for my visit to the Ritz: the much anticipated release party for the newest luxury spirit: “Nude Vodka.” After a quick coat check and sign in I find myself standing at the base of a 4-foot ice sculpture with an array of fresh hors d’oeuvres ranging from fresh lobster and seafood to vegetable spreads, roast beef, and hummus. Low-lying neon lights and projected silhouettes marking the Vodka’s label marry perfectly with the 3-piece band playing anything from Bob Marley to Frank Sinatra this, is a well-orchestrated masterpiece in itself, but what of the product? Sitting atop the bar the attractive bottle grabs your attention and entices you as you look onto the cocktail list. When the barkeep asked what I wanted I honestly didn’t know: with such titles as “Masterpiece,” “Skinny Dip,” and “Playmate,” I knew it was going to be a fun event. Before indulging in what seemed to be a novel of unique cocktails and schooling in mixlogy I decided to try it on its own. From the get go this vodka was different: the nose was clean, lacking the presence of alcohol you normally get with straight vodka at room temperature. A unique minerality was present, possibly from the 5-times filtration through “Crushed Lava Rock (also unique)” or maybe the natural ingredients from the Pacific Northwest could be attributing to this clear, unique, mineral nose. Diving into the drink I noticed first that the mouth feel was gorgeous. Smooth, seductive, and silky with a warm/lingering finish, this was not your usual vodka. After finishing the spirit on its own and still filtering through the flavors still dancing on my palate, I chose the “Skinny Dip.” 3oz Nude, sparkling water, and a splash of lime and again, I was greatly impressed with the quality of the spirit and the over-all drink experience. Still, after having a martini I went back to drinking the vodka straight as per the “Masterpiece,” 3oz Nude, martini glass, done. Sipping it on its own was my favorite by far. Feeling adventurous and curious from how well this vodka was drinking, I ventured. Going down the cocktail list, the flavors in each cocktail out measured and redefined my previous outlook on “vodka martinis.” The Party went on into the brisk downtown evening as people made their rounds: trying new martinis, food runs, and the occasional photo opp. With more and more people showing up and the room filling, in walked the face of the vodka: Mr. John Elway. Just like a long lost friend he was inviting and kind as he walked amongst the crowds of fancy suits and beautiful dresses. It was so nice to have a setting where there were no hordes, no OMG’s, and no swarms of people following Elway around, it was a relaxed and enjoyable evening with one of the greatest football players of all time. I had the honor of talking with John about the wonderful party and more importantly the quality of the product and the unique packaging. In all, with an attractive bottle design, a monumental figure backing the brand, and most importantly, a high quality product: Nude Vodka is a step above the rest in the category of “Ultra-Premium” vodkas and in my eye has set the bar in straight vodka drinks.
Casey Capper

Posted by Mark Fetter on February 24th, 2010 | Permalink