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Thank You Ireland

Bushmills 16yr Irish Whiskey

Porch, Lake Dillon, CO
Thursday June 24Th, 2010

When thinking of the proper words to describe the first sip of Bushmills 16yr I happily refer to my good friend Jeff Morgan who, after taking the initial sip unleashes a pronounced "OOHHHHH YAAHHHH!!.." This may seem silly but the fact of the matter is this is a very real and common reaction when enjoying this particular Whiskey.

It's been referred to by many Whisky Lovers as the "Scotch-drinkers Irish Whiskey." It hits your palate not as a typical Irish Whiskey would with sweet/malty tones, yet it presents wild oak notes of vanilla and dark fig-fruits thanks to the Whiskey aging in a combination of Oloroso Sherry and Bourbon Casks for 16 years prior to being lain in Port Pipes for several months that, all together, give the Whiskey a level of complexity and depth that is unmatched in both style and price range. The drink is long with initial warmth and spice from the Bourbon Cask marrying with the fig/cherry fruits from the Sherry Casks while the finish is heavy with chocolate and tobacco.

All the unique flavors and bold characteristics of this Whiskey encompassed in a bottle that costs only $65.99, means the next time you are looking for a great gift or even a bottle to spoil yourself with, don't go any further than the Bushmills 16yr, you'll thank me later.

Casey Capper

Posted by Mark Fetter on June 25th, 2010 | Permalink

Big Cali Red....

Orin Swift Papillon

Home Office
Saturday June 12th, 2010

On a daily basis I hear people referring to California reds as "big.." Taking note as to which wine said person was talking about and what price range, the list has become quite intriguing. From Cab to Syrah, Paso Robles to the Russian River Valley, $20-$160, the combating variables of varietals, pricing, and AVA's presents an interesting question: what makes a red wine BIG?

Taking into consideration that I am a firm believer that no two palates are the same (similar yes, exactly the same.... meh), and that I lean more towards Old World than New World when considering reds, I understand this is a difficult question to tackle. One Person may say a wine is "big" because they decanted it for 8hours and served it in fishbowls, while someone else may think a wine is "big" because of the bright fruits that taste like you're drinking a jar of Smucker's Raspberry Jam. To each their own on all accounts but it's interesting to find out why someone refers to a wine a "big." When I think of a "big" Californian red wine I think of a wine that after I take a sip an exuberant "WOW" follows. I think of a wine that is balanced and from presentation to last glass a joy to experience, I think of Orin Swift's Papillon. From the crafty producers of the well known Zinfandel-based phenomenon The Prisoner, Orin Swift Cellars releases a bold, stunning, and indisputably (in my opinion) "big" Bordeaux-style blend. 90Cab, 5Merlot, 2Petit Verdot, 2Malbec, and 1%Cab Franc aged 20months in 30% new French Oak drinking at a staggering 15.1%Alc: this is a "big" wine. From get go you know you're in for something special with the heavy, broad-shouldered bottle with the unmistakable label courtesy of world renowned wine lover and photographer Greg Gorman, the pour is dark crimson with tones of cassis and fig with underlying vanilla/cake spice. The drink (per the 2005 vintage) is for lack of a better word "epic." Initial palate brings bright cherry and currant as the depth and structure of the wine is expressed with a long, lingering finish layered with silky tannins and blackberries.

With the bold, unique, and tantalizing characteristics that accompany this wine, all with a $56.99 price tag, Papillon is defiantly a wine to try and see for yourself if fits YOUR idea of "big."

Casey Capper

Posted by Mark Fetter on June 14th, 2010 | Permalink

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