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5 Beers Worth a Gander

A Variety of Tasty Brews

Home Office
July 27Th, 2010

Whether its season, occasion, budget, or an array of other reasons to go out of the norm for beer, there is always something new to try and more often than not become your new favorite. That being said, here's a list of different beers that all share common ground in that they are always perfect for any situation.

Lion Stout- Normally when you think of Stouts you don't think of hot days and hotter food, but this beer is made for exactly that. From Thai to Indian, pizza to pasta, Lion Stout is one of the most versatile and easy drinking "big" beers on the market. Roasted tones of cocoa and toffee marry with caramel and a clean dry finish to balance out the hop presence on the mid palate.

Unibroue Trois Pistoles- Belgian Strong Dark Ale... yup. The beautiful combination of dark lush fig-fruits coupled with a smooth drink and lingering malt finish, you could spend a week deciphering the layers and flavors you get from this brew. Replace your after dinner glass of Port with this and never go back.

Kona Pipeline Porter- Like a cold cup of coffee with hops in it. On a cold day don't reach for anything else, fresh coffee tones and a full body make this a treat for pairing with dark chocolates and crackers. A seasonal release (sad), so when it's around grab a case, you'll thank me later.

Estrella Damm- Easy drinking, full flavored, seafood pairing perfection. Best drank with your feet in the sand and plate of paella, this lager is smooth with a unique hop finish that lingers long onto the next sip. Great for taking to a friends house for dinner and picnics, or just as a session-able 6 pack.

Wynkoop Silverback- Ever heard of "Grains of Paradise?" After one sip of this beer you may consider changing your middle name to it. With the drink of a soft Pale Ale with a unique malt and spice build that finishes unlike any other beer, this will easily replace your house 6 pack and more likely the house 6 pack in your neighbors fridge as well.

If you haven't heard or tasted any of these be sure to, all good for ANY occasion yet all different in drinking styles. So throw a wrench in the norm and take one (or two, might as well do all) of these unique brews home and enjoy!

Casey Capper

Posted by Mark Fetter on July 29th, 2010 | Permalink

A Summer's Favorite Drink


July 11th, 2010

Aside from the fact that they are always on the menu no matter where you are, margaritas are hands down the best thing to drink in the summer. Thus begs the question: what makes a good margarita? From special salts and lime to adding beer and Grand Marnier, the margarita is hands down the king of possibility for a tasty beverage.

Personally I prefer my margarita to have tequila in it... content with that one standard I've seen beer, wine, whiskey, Amaretto, pears, grapefruits, pretty much anything under the sun can and probably has been thrown into a margarita somewhere in the world. If I had to pick one additive that I've really liked it's the addition of Amaretto and a splash of Corona to a traditional marg that I find pretty tasty, but just as any conversation about drinks, beauty's in the eye of the beholder. Some top mixologists' swear by specific ingredients down to the salt, they swear by these ingredients and none other while some never make the same marg twice. Aside from blundering story's of monster margs that knock your socks off with one glass, the general consensus seems to be creativity and accessibility rather than making a drink you could start a fire with. From lavender extract and saffron the herbal and spice margaritas are starting to bring more people out of the bars and into their own little home operations trying to create or recreate their new found glass glory's. Trying to find something unique yet easy because let's face it, when you're out at a bar and want a marg similar to your homemade wonder you probably wouldn't want to spend an hour explaining to the barkeep how to make it (let alone pay for the extra ingredients).

So the next time your outside, or inside, anywhere you are they're probably a margarita list within arms' length so go nuts, try a random one and get creative when making your own batch... who knows, maybe that piece of pumpkin pie in your fridge will come in handy?

Casey Capper

Posted by Mark Fetter on July 13th, 2010 | Permalink