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Pre-Mixed or Bust

Pre-Mixed or Bust

Saturday January 22nd, 2010
Home Office

Washington Apple's, Kamikaze's, Cosmopolitan's, Appletini's, Mojito's.... just a sample of what you would typically see on any bar menu... anywhere. Ranging from "Happy Hour" priced $2 to "5star" $20, cocktails and shots are a staple in the beverage industry. Some people choose to enjoy said cocktails in their own homes, which generally means looking up the recipe online, or using a Bartender's guide, or if you're lucky enough, an actual Bartender to assist you in assembling the correct ingredients to replicate your favorite drink at hopefully a discounted price. That being said, with such a vast spread of quality, quantity, and cost for ingredients ranging from Vodka and Gin, to Vermouth and Bitters, your home tab may be running a tad high. So how do you get the same flavors and feel of a bar martini without the expensive bill and most likely overwhelming amount of left-over ingredients?...

Over the past 2 years, "Pre-Mixed" cocktails have made a quite impressive mark on the beverage industry. Pre-packaged with everything you need for your favorite drink aside from some ice, a glass, and you, the idea spread like wildfire and now every flavor under the sun can be found in these crafty concoctions. With Pre-mixed Margaritas already in the market for quite some time, up popped the well known names in cocktail. "Appletini, Cosmos, Mojitos..." made the first appearances with popular seasonal releases quickly to follow. Chances are if you had a fun "new" cocktail at a fancy bar for $9, you could've bought a 750ml of it for $13.

Inspired by mixologists and research combined, the possibility of a flavor wheel for Pre-mixed packages is limitless. Great for parties and mixers (yeah, pun..) the next time you are looking for something new, fun, or a replicate of your favorite cocktail: give the realm of "Pre-Mixed" drinks a shot (yeah, pun #2)...

Cheers, Casey Capper

Posted by Mark Fetter on January 23rd, 2011 | Permalink

Angel's Landing Cabernet

Angel's Landing Cabernet

Tuesday January 4th 2010

Ever have someone ask to bring a bottle of wine over for dinner and the only specification is that it is a "good priced Napa Cab that tastes great...." yeah, easier said than done. Most of the time when people think of a "Napa Cab" they want big, bold tannins and balanced oak tones with dark black fruits that are typical of a $40-$100 bottle that is way out of pocket when considering a bargain wine. So how about a beautiful Napa Cab that has the high-end quality without the high-end price?

2007 Angel's Landing Cab is the wine you've been looking for. From the loam and clay soils of Napa Valley comes this powerful yet elegantly made Cab. Off the bat the nose is full of sweet oak and chocolate with underlying clove notes. One of the many great things about this wine being that you can actually enjoy it without having to decant it for 5 hours, the bright tones right out of the bottle need only 30 minutes before it is drinking like silk. The initial palate is full of bright cherry fruits and rhubarb spices with crushed tannins. Then the full bodied Cab brings signature tones of blackcurrant and oak with just the right amount of acidity to finish out the wine leaving a clean, lingering chocolate truffle/raspberry tone that does not seem to go away. Easily enjoyable on its own but when paired with steak dinners or seasoned lamb, this wine really starts to shine. With all the characteristics of a big Napa Cab but with only a $14.99 price tag, Angel's Landing Cabernet is one Cab that will not be beat.

So the next time you are looking for a "Napa Cab," great wine for dinner, or just an over-all amazing buy, grab a couple bottles of Angel's Landing and let the wine do the talking.

Casey Capper

Posted by Mark Fetter on January 4th, 2011 | Permalink