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GABF has started

Great American Beer Festival
According to the Guinness Book of World Records, there is no other place on earth where a beer aficionado can find more beers on tap. The Great American Beer Festival is the American brewing industry’s top public tasting opportunity and competition. Tasting sessions will offer attendees the opportunity to tour America’s brewing landscape, one ounce at a time, with access to more than 2,200 different beers from more than 450 of the nation’s finest breweries. The GABF gathers practically every type of beer from all of the regions of the country, and are arranged geographically on the festival floor. The festival allows visitors to taste the largest number and the widest variety of hand-crafted products in the American beer industry.

The first festival was held in 1982 at the Harvest House Hotel in Boulder. There were 22 breweries, 40 beers and 800 attendees The festival moved to Denver in 1984.The 10th festival was held at the Denver Merchandise Mart with 150 breweries, 500 beers and 7,000 attendees. Due to popularity and continued growth, the festival was moved from Currigan Hall in Denver to the Colorado Convention Center in 2000.

The Great American Beer Festival has been held every year since 1982 and is presented by the Brewers Association, BBbbbfghfhghghghgffghgfgfggggggffg
a not-for-profit educational and trade organization that is devoted to making quality brewing and beer information available to anyone. The Brewers Association also promotes and protects American craft beer, American craft brewers, and the community of brewing enthusiasts. The Brewers Association serves craft and homebrewers and produces bi-monthly magazines and books about the brewing industry.

Here are a few of fun facts about GABF. The 2007 Festival sold out the week of the event; 2008 sold out two weeks in advance, 2009 sold out three weeks in advance and 2010 sold out five weeks in advance
2011 festival sold out in one week. 2,375 beers will be in the festival hall the biggest selection of American beers ever served. With more than 36,000 gallons of beer, 49,000 plus attendees are expected to be at GABF this year.

Here is a list of the Breweries that will be at GABF,
Alaskan Brewing Co., Anchor Brewing Company, Backcountry Brewery, BJ’s Brewery & Restaurants, Black Star (Great Northern Brewing Co.), Blue Moon, Boulder Beer, Boulevard Brewing Co., Brewery Ommegang, Budweiser, Cigar City, Deschutes Brewery, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Fat Head’s Brewery & Saloon, Firestone Walker Brewing Company, Genesee Brewing Company, Great Divide Brewing Co., Great Lakes Brewing Co., Kentucky Ale, Leinenkugel’s, New Belgium Brewing Company, Odell Brewing Company, Oskar Blues Brewing Co., Pyramid Breweries, Samuel Adams, Shock Top, Short’s Brewing Company, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Victory Brewing Company.

GABF 2011 Cheer's to a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Mark Fetter on September 29th, 2011 | Permalink

Nice Shorts


Nicie Spicie

A Northern Michigan spiced wheat ale made with a 50/50 blend of malted barley and malted white wheat. Packed with fresh citrus zest, then spiced with coriander and a three peppercorn blend, this light bodied ale is complex yet scrumptious. Exemplified by its gorgeous golden color, this beer is crisp and refreshing.

Pandemonium Pale Ale

This coppered colored American pale ale lends its hue to hearty two row malts and hand selected specialty grains. Hop additions balance the wort, resulting in a tasty union of flavors and earthy aromas. Behold the bitter hysteria! Huma-Lupa-Licious IPA This gem is honored with the name of the hop plant, Humulus lupulus, and is Short’s best selling India Pale Ale. It has such an abundant amount of hops that it sensually provides a punch to the palate. The numerous hop varieties used in its creation render a delicious bitter taste and enticing citrus aroma. The hearty malt bill melds with the hops to create a perfect balance.

Bludgeon Yer Eye India Black Ale

This India Black Ale is a shining example of stylistic guidelines. Intense fruity and floral aromas abound with a subtle malty fragrance reluctantly piercing through. A deep black color attunes the pallet for rich, dark, roasted malt flavors. The unexpected twist comes when high hop bitterness takes over and resonates profoundly.

Bellaire Brown

A full flavored brown ale that derives sweet caramel and toasted qualities from four different kinds of malt and specialty grains. Select hop varieties add enticing aroma to the nose and create a dry finish. This ale is so dark and rich, it’s hardly classifiable as brown, but is certainly considered a delicious masterpiece.

Autumn Ale

A London Extra Special Bitter (ESB) that is true to style. It has a medium body, amber color, and full flavor. This beer exhibits a wonderful balance of initial malty sweetness with subtle lingering floral hop bitterness,resulting in an ideal bridge between malty and hoppy beer styles. It is a silver medal winner at the 2006 GABF.

Posted by Mark Fetter on September 21st, 2011 | Permalink

March Of The Penguin

Introducing Tactical Nuclear Penguin
This is the worlds strongest ever beer, ever (yes ever). Its maker, BrewDog brewers of Fraserburgh described as its "most audacious and ambitious project to date". The drink, named "Tactical Nuclear Penguin" is so strong that it should be served in small measures usually reserved for spirits.

Weighing in at 32% alcohol by volume, it has more than six times the strength of garden variety domestic brands like Budweiser or Miller. The Antarctic name, inducing schizophrenia, of this Ÿber-imperial stout originates from the amount of time it spent exposed to extreme cold. This beer was initially double barrel aged for 14 months; maturing in the deep, rich oak of Scottish whisky casks. After this epic maturation the beer was then frozen, then frozen again, then frozen again.

BrewDog, which describes itself as making "progressive, craft beers" was previously responsible for an 18.2pc drink called Tokyo which it claimed had been "banned" by the Portman Group, the industry body which runs a voluntary code of conduct. It also made a low alcohol brew which it mockingly name "Nanny State".

No Penguins were harmed in the making of this beer; some humans did get very, very cold though. It was worth it.

Posted by Mark Fetter on September 15th, 2011 | Permalink