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New Beers and Hazelnut Rum


Our Email Beer List has some very special and tasty brews and an interesting Rum on it for this weekend. Here is a little more information about some of the featured items.

Dry Dock Apricot Blonde- This is Dry Dock’s summer seasonal beer and it is perfect for a hot day! The pour is a hazy golden orange color with a nice bubbly white head. The nose is full of apricots with a nice underlying bready malt character. The palate follows with big apricot flavor and bready malts but with touches of banana and a slight tart/bitter finish. It is a touch sweet but not cloyingly so. The body and carbonation are both medium light making it all the more easy to drink. Refreshing! Dry Dock does it again! 5.1% abv

Was- $5.99 Email- $5.49 22oz

Rogue Hazelnut Spice Rum- Rogue has made a spiced rum for grown-ups here. They have produced a quality spiced rum that isn’t too sweet. The color is a pale straw blonde. On the nose the aroma of toasted hazelnut is very pronounced along with aromas of cinnamon and clove. Your first sip reveals flavors of hazelnuts, vanilla, cinnamon and a bit of orange peel. A medium-length finish begins a little spicy, followed by tapering warmth that never strays from its namesake flavor. I would suggest sipping this one on the rocks! 40% abv

Was- $34.99 Email- $31.99 750ml

You will find our Email Beer Specials located on the ground level across from the elevator. Follow the many cooler doors until you see the Email Beer Specials sign. And if you have not signed up for our email beer list you may do so by clicking on this link.

Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you down here at Argonaut Wine and Liquor.


Posted by Mark Fetter on April 26th, 2012 | Permalink

Beer Specials for the weekend


We have some great beer specials for this weekend down here at Argonaut Wine and Liquor. The following are selections from Dan Chacon's email beer list that goes out every Thursday:

Brasserie Des Rocs Brune- Everything this abbey produces is top notch in my opinion! This being their strong dark ale offering. This one pours a dark reddish brown color with a large tan head that retains nicely. Aromas of sweet malt, brown sugar, dark fruits and Belgian yeast come though on the nose. The fruit notes are a bit different on the palate being more cherry and chocolate covered oranges followed by flavors of sweet bready malt, brown sugar, Belgian yeast and a bit of nutmeg. It has a medium heavy body with medium light carbonation making it slightly viscous. Yet another great beer from Des Rocs. 9% abv

Lakefront My Turn Dan Baltic Porter- This is the first in a series of employee picked brew styles from Lakefront, and this one starts it off nicely. The pour is a dark black color with a small foamy tan head. Big roasted malt aromas dominate the nose with notes of coffee, bready yeast, chocolate and hints of smoke. You get much of the same on the palate with hints of earthy hops, nuts and oats. The body is a touch heavy as far as porters go with medium carbonation and a smooth mouth feel. This is a good hearty flavorful porter! 8.5% abv 37 IBUs

Was- $5.99 Email- $5.49 22oz

If you have not yet signed up to receive our weekely email specials, please do so now by clicking on this link.

Have a great and safe weekend.

Argonaut Wine and Liquor

Posted by Mark Fetter on April 20th, 2012 | Permalink

New beers for the weekend.

Greetings fellow beer lovers:

Dan Chacon has put together his "Email Beer List" for the weekend and many of you have already received information about the following beers in your inbox. For those of you who have is some information on a couple of the tasty beers from the list:

Santa Fe Chicken Killer- This beer is interesting in the fact that it is somewhere between an English and American style barley wine. The pour is a cloudy dark copper color with a two finger beige head. The aroma is full of bready malts, caramel, fig and citrusy hops. On the palate you get the same as you do on the nose with none of the flavors overpowering the others. The body is a little lighter than most barley wines with moderate carbonation. This is a well balanced barley wine! Not too sweet, not too hoppy. 10% abv

Was- $5.99 Email- $5.49 22oz

Val Dieu Grand Cru- This Grand Cru may be a little less well known than some others out there, but it definitely competes with the best of them. It pours a murky brownish prune color with a thin off white head. Aromas of brown sugar, figs and you guessed it prunes are all very present. You get a lot of the same on the palate as well as some biscuit like malts and light hints of nutmeg lying underneath. The body is medium heavy with a bit of viscosity to it and surprisingly the carbonation is moderate making it very drinkable. 10.5% abv

Was- $9.99 Email- $8.99 750ml

Check these beers out in our store by walking down the cooler wall and look for the "Email Beer Special" sign across from our elevator. And if you are not signed up to receive the list (it comes out every Thursday) click here to sign up.


Posted by Mark Fetter on April 13th, 2012 | Permalink

Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project


We here at Argonaut Wine and Liquor have been very lucky enough to receive the following bottles of the Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project:

Barrel #(s)

74, 106, 42, 170, 10, 14, 78, 142, 46, 138, 110, 174, 74, 138, 42, 46, 14, 78, 110, 10, 174, 142, 170 and 106.

For those of you who would like to know more about the Single Oak Project we can provide you with this information from the Buffalo Trace Website:

The Single Oak Project is the most extensive bourbon experiment ever undertaken.

For over two centuries Buffalo Trace Distillery has been a pioneering leader in quality and innovation. The Single Oak Project is our most inventive and comprehensive experiment yet.

It all started with 96 individually selected American oak trees that differed according to the number of growth rings per inch and growing location. Each tree was then cut into two parts - top and bottom - yielding 192 unique tree sections. A single barrel was constructed from each unique section. Prior to construction we varied the stave seasoning times. The 192 barrels were then charred differently. These single oak barrels were then filled with different recipe whiskeys, at various entry proofs and aged in a variety of different warehouse styles.

We believe that this experiment will allow you to directly compare the impact of 7 different critical variables across 192 bottles for a total of 1,396 taste combinations. None of the 192 bottles in the complete set are exactly alike.

Come get some Single Oak Bourbon before it is gone for good!


Posted by Mark Fetter on April 12th, 2012 | Permalink

Win a V.I.P. Brewery Tour


We have teamed up with our friends at Boulder Beer Company to provide our customers with a once in a lifetime opportunity. By clicking here you will be entered to win a V.I.P. brewery tour complete with lunch and a full sampling of Boulders finest beers.

Good Luck!

Posted by Mark Fetter on April 5th, 2012 | Permalink