Our Staff

Hank Robinson, Owner & President

In 1965 Hank's knowledge of fine wines and spirits led him to invest in a little liquor store named Argonaut. All that's left of the first store is a single brick that Hank uses as a doorstop, but his love of wines and commitment to service infuse the new store as well. Hank still enjoys furthering his wine education through his involvement with La Chaine. He is also committed to the responsible enjoyment of wines and spirits and sits on the board of The Arapahoe House, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center here in Denver.

Ron Vaughn, Owner & COO

Ron relocated here from California in 1989 with his wife Karen Robinson and daughters Rachel & Rebecca. Ron has been immersed in all aspects of operating the store since his arrival and has helped secure Argonaut's position as Metro Denver's largest and most successful liquor store. Ron is active in the community and a member of The Denver Lions Club.

Mark Fetter, General Manager

Mark is currently on his second tour of duty with Argonaut. The first tour was from 1984 to 1991 when he served as assistant manager. He is back where he belongs now after a six-year stint in Seattle. Customers can be assured of the best customer service possible with Mr. Fetter at the helm.

Sheila Carey, Wine Buyer

Twenty years with Argonaut and vineyard tours around the world have given Sheila the opportunity to taste thousands of wines. She puts this invaluable experience to good use doing the sometimes not so enviable job of deciding which wines to add to the shelves. Sheila believes that the best thing about wine is that there are good values from all over the world.

Sheila is the author of the famous Argonaut Wine & Liquor E-Grapevine. She is constantly introducing customers to new wines, allowing them to add some pizzazz to their wine cellars. She also organizes a variety of wine tastings for charities, winemakers and private clients. The most popular of these is a monthly tasting benefiting The Women's Bean Project (www.womensbeanproject.com/). Visit our event calendar to see what she'll be up to next.

Brian Watson, Office Manager

Brian started working for Argonaut as a cashier in 1987. It is still a running joke that Mr. Fetter required him to cut his hair as a condition of employment. A degree in Finance & Marketing from the University of Denver probably factored into his promotion from mopping floors to running the office, but the main reason is that he loves working at Argonaut. Ask him and he'll laugh and tell you, "Yeah, I actually like my job".