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Odell - Dark Theory

This sour pours with an amalgamation of rich red and opaque oily black. The head is large with an off-white tint. The nose is complex. Aromas of wood, yeast, and tart cherry all weave through a roasted, malty base. The mouth feel is smooth upfront with a sharp sour finish. Complemented with moderate carbonation, the flavors mostly highlight the malt and yeast of the ale. Subtle cherries to accent both of the primary flavors.
7.5% abv 15 ibu
WAS : $15.49   EMAIL : $13.49     Size: 750ml bottle
Ballast Point– Red Velvet Nitro
The 180° nitro pour method is catching on. Ballast Point created a nitro ale that combines beautiful color, a smooth body, and amazing taste. With the addition of beets, this ale pours a bright red with an equally brilliant red cascade. The aromas are sweet, trading in the beet looks for a chocolate nose. Roasted malt and vanilla also dominate the smell. The body is smooth like any good nitro should be. The taste keeps all of the notes from the nose going before a very slightly bitter finish.
5.5% abv 35 ibu
WAS : $13.99   EMAIL : $12.49     Size: 6pk 12oz bottles
Rogue - Hazelutely Choctabulous
Rogue took two great base beers and blended them into a perfect combination. Hazelutely Choctabulous takes the best of Hazelnut Brown and Chocolate Stout with a 60% / 40% blend respectively. On the nose the best of each beer really comes through, a perfect synergy between the hazelnut aromas and chocolate beer. The body isn’t overwhelming with thickness or syrupy traits. Instead a medium body is balanced with creamy carbonation. On the palate the beer transitions from sweet stout to robust brown ale with hazelnut underlining throughout and a nice chocolate finish.
5.7% abv 51 ibu
WAS : $7.49   EMAIL : $6.49     Size: 22oz Bomber
Victory - 21st Birthday IPA
Hop heads, your palate needs a break once and awhile. I am not saying do the unthinkable a drink something other than an IPA, I am just saying drink a lighter IPA. 21st pours a slightly hazy light gold color. The hop aromas hit all the classic notes. Grapefruit, pine and floral scents blend with biscuit malt. Medium bodied and balanced with a crisp pilsner-like carbonation. The palate is consistently bitter complimented with a pilsner grain character. Finishes with a floral bitterness. This is a wonderfully light IPA.
6.1% abv
WAS : $9.99   EMAIL : $8.99     Size: 6pk 12oz bottles
Oskar Blues - Deviant Dales IPA
Deviant takes the best qualities of the classic Dale’s Pale Ale up a level. It pours a warm amber with a moderate white head. Deviant brings grapefruit, citrus and pine aromas together with a large caramel malt sweetness as a base. Medium bodied and light carbonation but neither cuts through the malt sweetness and hop flavors. The taste has a citrus and pine lead on the palate. Throughout the malt carries and enhances the hop flavors. Finishes with a lingering bitterness you would expect. 
8% abv 85 ibu
WAS : $11.99   EMAIL : $10.99     Size: 6pk 12oz cans
Omnipollo - Bianca Gose
Bianca walks the line between a traditional and nontraditional gose flawlessly. It pours hazy with pale yellow color. The nose brings wheat flavors and sour yeasts into a beautiful medley. Hops provide lemon and grass aromas. The body is light with the wheat providing just enough weight. The taste is wonderful and balanced. Fruity flavors play off each trait in this gose. Tropical fruits play off the wheat spice, while a semi muted brine flavor works in tandem with citrus hops and sour yeast.
6% abv

WAS : $12.49   EMAIL : $10.99     Size: 4pk 12oz bottles

Reviews by Austin Cutler and Dan Chacon

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