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Welcome to springtime everyone! This time of the year we're starting to feel the sun on our faces. We are also starting to spend time relaxing on our porches with friends. Our tastes are moving over to the lighter whites as well as Rose's. Rose's are gaining in popularity and we are seeing more variety and better quality. Long gone are the days of overly sweet, non descript, quaff blushes. We here at the Argonaut have had an oppurtunity to taste a lot of Rose's coming in for the new vintages. And WOW! There are some really good drinking wines from all over the world. Oregon is producing some really superb Rose of Pinot noir with wines like the Elouan Rose. California has alot of great producers, one of which we really enjoyed was the Red Car Rose, also made with Pinot noir. The Alexander Valley Vineyards produces a light, bright, crisp Rose of Sangiovese that is sure to please. Australia's Kim Crawford and New Zealand's Matua are great! Argentina is known for there red wines made from Malbec and are producing some amazing Rose's also made with the Malbec grape. These are fruit forward, dry and extremely refreshing. 

France has been a long time leader in making fabulous Rose. Everything from Cote de Provence to Tavel, to the exotic Bandhol. Cote de Provence seems to be leading the pack in popularity among those styles. It is Strawberries and raspberries up front, bone dry with crisp acidity and well balanced minerality!

Our newest edition to the line up here for the spring has been highly marketed and well sought after. Now introducing the Forty ounce Rose!!! We have a limited supply and it will go fast. As far as the wine goes, let's be honest. I thought it was a gimmick. I expected the wine to be an after thought to the overall packaging and marketing. What the Forty ounce Rose ended up being was Beautifully balanced, well made and just plain delicious! Bright fruit up front, crisp and refreshing mid palate. Absolutely a pleasure to drink.


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