Alaskan Brewing Co. White Ale 6 pack 12oz Bottle


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6 x 12oz Bottle

Alaskan White Ale is based on a Belgian-style witbier, literally translated to "white beer." White beers, or "witbieren," are named for the suspended wheat proteins creating a cloudy appearance in this unfiltered beer. Flavor Profile: Alaskan White Ale has a soft, slightly sweet base with the unique spice aroma of coriander and crisp, citrus finish of orange peel. A light and effervescent body combined with the smooth palate creates a complex and delicate beer that is deliciously refreshing in any season. Recommendations: The crisp flavor of Alaskan White Ale pairs well with spicy foods and lighter fare including fresh salads and grilled shrimp or halibut.
Category Ale
Country United States
Region Alaska
Brand Alaskan Brewing Co.
Alcohol/vol 5.3%