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Peach Street Distillers Pear Brandy

Peach Street Distillers Pear Brandy


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Most pears live the simple life. They grow up, get to peak ripeness, and are then sold to a market. Palisade pears are not most pears. When they're just babies, we gently put a bottle around each baby pear and give it a home.* We let the pears grow, become ripe as can be, and then we let them live out the rest of their glorious days bathing in sweet, sweet brandy. Now, maybe you're thinking we just romanticized a pear far more than any pear deserves. We wouldn't say you're wrong. But let's just say that if that's the case, then this brandy probably isn't for you. *In a limited batch. But who's really counting? Each bottle is made from about 20lbs of pears. Each spring we place a limited batch of bottles over baby pears and let the pear grow inside it. Every pear is from right here in Palisades, picked at its ripest and most flavorful. Our brandy is open-air fermented, and distilled just once. We age it in 100-gallon French oak brandy barrels.
Category Brandy
Region United States, Colorado
Brand Peach Street Distillers

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