Cockpit Craft Distillery P-51 Mustang Bourbon Whiskey

Cockpit Craft Distillery P-51 Mustang Bourbon Whiskey


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At Cockpit Craft Distillery we are not afraid to spend more on our ingredients. We love what the brewing revolution, that originated here in Colorado, has done! The specialty malts, the unique combinations and flavors! We at Cockpit are left wondering why much of the distilling world has not caught on, and continues to use the same old, same old, as far as ingredients and techniques to create spirits has gone? The corn we use in our P-51 Bourbon whiskey is a food grade, pre-converted, steam flaked corn. The corn has been degermed (the oil removed), thus eliminating rancidity, therefore leading to an extremely crisp, clean profile not seen elsewhere in a whiskey coming straight out of the still. The corn costs us about twenty times as much as the feed grade corn the majority of most other distilleries use. However, it's worth it! The grain bill consists of only about 54% corn making it our "Barely Bourbon" (most other Bourbon mashes consist of about 70-80% corn on the mash bill), we then add German rye, crystal, and chocolate malt from England, American base malt, and American Winter Wheat. We discovered this corn and unique grain bill provides us with a much cleaner spirit featuring a smoother, more complex finish, straight out of the still. Then we barrel the whiskey in Woodruff Reserve Double oak barrel with two sets of medium plus toasted oak spirals thus rendering this spirit with three barrels worth of surface area. The lighter toast gives this spirit a lighter color and a unique tasting profile with notes of fruit such as apple and citrus.
Category Bourbon
Region United States, Colorado
Brand Cockpit Craft Distillery
Alcohol/vol 40%

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