Cockpit Craft Distillery P-38 Apple Pie Lightning Moonshine

Cockpit Craft Distillery P-38 Apple Pie Lightning Moonshine

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There is no technical definition of "Moonshine" other than an illegally distilled untaxed alcohol, the TTB now allows distilleries to put the term on the label as a "fanciful name" and everyone in the industry has their own rendition of what they consider a "moonshine". My take on moonshine is essentially an old sweet feed recipe. We take corn, two-row malt, molasses, and evaporated cane juice to distill into our base spirit. We take that base and then cut it with Colorado apple cider, allspice and each bottle contains a whole vanilla bean and a cinnamon stick, it tastes just like fall. We recommend that customers enjoy it straight, or with more apple cider warmed up to take the chill out of the fall and winter months. There is no more iconic flavor of moonshine than apple pie, so when we spare no expense on ingredients we dare say we have The Best apple pie on the market.
Category Moonshine
Region United States, Colorado
Brand Cockpit Craft Distillery
Alcohol/vol 40%

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