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Timberline Tonic Syrup 16oz Bottle

Timberline Tonic Syrup 16oz Bottle

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16oz Bottle

Where most cocktails start with a spirit and add a mixer to change its flavor, the Gin & Tonic began the other way around. Starting in the 1600s, British soldiers stationed in India and Africa were given a daily ration of incredibly bitter quinine to fight malaria. Quinine powder kept troops alive and many experimented with gin, sugar and lime to improve its flavor. This proved to be an exceptional episode in the history of mixology, one where the spirit was added to the mixer to improve the mixer's flavor. Like the tonics dating back to the British Empire, our tonic syrup is made with natural quinine from Peruvian cinchona bark. Timberline Tonic is proudly crafted in Colorado, using only the highest quality natural ingredients. Finally, a tonic deserving of the finest spirits.
Category Mixers
Region United States, Colorado
Brand Timberline

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