Hogback High Wheat Bourbon 50ml Bottle

Hogback High Wheat Bourbon 50ml Bottle


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Wherever possible, the whiskey produced at the Hogback Distillery is distilled using Scottish rather than American whiskey or beer making methods. Using 100% malted barely, including a Scottish heavily peated variety, our single malt whisky is traditionally mashed, fermented and distilled through a pair of copper pot stills. Unlike column stills, which continually refine the spirit, and in the process, reduce the flavor profile, pot stills allow us to determine the crucial cut points to create a more complex, full and fruity whiskey. In line with Scottish distillers, our single malt whisky is matured in used oak casks, allowing the spirit to interact with the mellowed wood at a lower rate. This helps to ensure that the character of the barrel does not overpower the delicate spirit. Our whiskies are cut and bottled for sipping and savoring and are therefore bottled at a higher proof so that the full character can be appreciated. The proof of each small batch may vary slightly for the optimum flavor profile. All of our whiskies are reduced from barrel strength to bottle strength using Colorado spring water from Eldorado Springs. We recommend drinking our whiskey from a wide-based tumbler rather than a nosing glass. A traditional whiskey glass allows the spirit to open up naturally, enabling you to more easily taste the spirit. If you can let the whiskey breath for a little while before drinking and / or vigorously swirl it in the glass, the full character of the whiskey will unfold.
Category Bourbon
Region United States, Colorado
Brand Hogback

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