Cockpit Craft Distillery FG-1D Corsair Sweet Tea Rum

Cockpit Craft Distillery FG-1D Corsair Sweet Tea Rum

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We started off with our Silver Rum, which was the first Rum in Colorado Springs however it doesn't end there. We wanted to create a sweetened and flavored spirit that didn't have a bunch of chemicals and fake flavors that make it like somewhat of a science experiment, or so sweetened that it tastes like you're drinking molasses. So what we came up with is simply cutting our clear rum with a sweet tea we brew in house (made simply from tea leaves and evaporated cane juice and water) using only simple raw ingredients. Goes great on the rocks, with lemonade (drunken Arnold Palmer), or more Ice tea.
Category Rum
Region United States, Colorado
Brand Cockpit Craft Distillery
Alcohol/vol 35%

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