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Red Heads Studio Yard Dog Red 2011
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Red Heads Studio Yard Dog Red 2011


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Yard dog. Every street has one. Yapping and howling all day, all night. The once beloved pet has gone feral, a canine prisoner condemned to the confines of the backyard. Adored by winemakers, now overlooked, left outside the back porch of the winery.

Yet, show the pooch a little love and pamper it again and this Dog of the Yard will be your friend, wagging its tail and offering you lots of dense ripe fruit in the glass. Or so it might seem … take care with Yard Dog. Enjoy a glass or three of this big, fruit-rich red, but don’t overstep the mark! 

With Yard Dog, our winemakers aim for the classic Bordeaux blend – that is Cabernet with Merlot – but, as with all true Aussies, he’s not one to stick to the standard blend. So, within the mix you’ll find the added benefits of Petit Verdot, a grape that's somewhat lost in popularity in Bordeaux circles. But we're here to champion the underdog. 

So, the Cabernet was sourced from the cool coastal areas, to ensure that the grapes provided enough of the blackcurrant crunch, firm structural tannins and lovely depth of colour. The Merlot, however, is from renowned Coonawarra, perhaps best-known for Cab, but still tops for dense, damson-powered Merlot

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