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Avery Brewing Co. Bon-Bon Cerise 12 oz.
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Avery Brewing Co. Bon-Bon Cerise

12 oz.
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Category Imperial Stout
Region United States, Colorado
Brand Avery Brewing Co.
Alcohol/vol 15.5%

No. 53 in our one-and-done Barrel-Aged Series is Bon-Bon Cerise, an Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon barrels with cherry, cacao nibs, and vanilla beans. This dark, rich stout was held in barrels like tart, gooey cherries held in a dark chocolate shell. Take a bite of this blissful beverage, courtesy of our beer chocolatiers. Nom nom bon bon!


Pours an opaque dark black color with a large mocha head. Bourbon on the nose serves as a platform for all the roasted malts, vanilla and cherry to play on. Each aroma is present, but none overpower the others. The body is thick and velvety with a light carbonation that cuts the viscosity just a bit and elevates the mouthfeel. The palate leads with heavy vanilla and bourbon. The sweetness is contrasted with some bitter roasted malts and a mild oak contrast while a light cherry note makes itself present throughout. Finishes strong with whiskey notes and a slight booziness one would expect from a beer of this nature.

14.6% ABV