Rising Sun Distillery Colorado Chili Spirit 375ml

Rising Sun Distillery Colorado Chili Spirit 375ml

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Rising Sun Distillery Colorado Chili Spirit captures the taste and essence of the Southwest using old-world European schnapps making techniques. The Chili Spirit uses fresh Anaheim chilis grown by the Hobbs family outside of Pueblo Colorado. These chilis are known for their fruit qualities and mild/medium heat. We bring them directly from the farm to the distillery when they are in peak season. The chilis are hand-processed and cold-steeped in our award-winning organic, gluten-free spirit base. Once maceration is complete, we distill the spirits and skillfully take small-batch cuts at a moderate alcohol level which allows the fullest chili flavor to come through. Whether it's a Bloody Mary, Margarita, or Greyhound, give that cocktail you love so much the perfect kick with Colorado Chili Spirit!
Category Spirits
Region United States, Colorado
Brand Rising Sun Distillery
Alcohol/vol 40%

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