Dogfish Head Crush Variety Pack 8 pack 12 oz. Can - Argonaut Wine & Liquor
Dogfish Head Crush Variety Pack 8 pack 12 oz. Can
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Dogfish Head Crush Variety Pack

8 pack 12 oz. Can

Available for:
(1) Grapefruit & Pomegranate Vodka Crush: Inspired by the sun, surf and beaches of our seaside home, we crafted a new take on the crush cocktail. At its heart, vodka is distilled over grapefruit and pomegranates to create a refreshing cocktail bursting with juicy flavor. (2) Pineapple & Orange Rum Crush: Because why should vodka and gin have all the fun?! Sweet and tart play back and forth, bringing balance to this cocktail with juicy pineapple backed up by orange flavors. It's light and drinkable ... you might even say, crush-able! (3) Blood Orange & Mango Vodka Crush: Behold, Blood Orange & Mango Vodka Crush! At its heart, real blood oranges & mangos distilled with vodka, then blended with orange juice & mango juice, and a touch of lime citrus. This cocktail is bursting with juicy flavor, yet is light & refreshing. (4) Lemon & Lime Gin Crush: Lemonade yellow with a whisper of sea green and a slight haze, the nose its quietly herbaceous with notes of mint and basil wrapped around a lemon rind. Botanical and refreshing: the botanicals mingle perfectly with the tart citrus fruit, with a touch of sweetness.

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