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Our Staff


Ron Vaughn – Co-Owner and COO

Joining the Argonaut family in 1993, Ron has immersed himself in all aspects of operating Argonaut Wine and Liquor, helping to secure Argonaut's position as Denver's largest and most successful liquor store. As CO-Owner, Ron uses his leadership skills as a member of The Denver Lions Club and the Wine and Spirits Guild of America to ensure our customers and staff remain completely satisfied.  He is married to Karen Robinson and the father of two daughters, Rachel & Rebecca.

Mark Fetter – General Manager

Mark began working at Argonaut in 1984 as a stocker. Today Mark is the General Manager and is actively involved in every part of the daily operations of the store and making sure our customers have an enjoyable shopping experience. He loves everything about the liquor business, especially the long term relationships he has developed with our customers.

David Bentley – Assistant General Manager

David joined the Argonaut family in 2004 as a stocker in the liquor department, but quickly worked his way into management. He decided to go back to college in 2008 to obtain a degree in business management from Texas State University. After graduating he returned to Argonaut where he worked in the wine department until 2015 when he was promoted to Assistant General Manager. David enjoys working with our customers and suppliers every day and being involved in all aspects of the liquor business.

Sheila Carey – Wine Buyer

Thirty years with Argonaut and vineyard tours around the world have given Sheila the opportunity to taste thousands of wines. She puts this invaluable experience to use when deciding which wines to add to our shelves. Sheila believes that the best thing about wine is that there are good values from all over the world. Sheila is the author of the famous Argonaut Wine & Liquor E-Grapevine. She is constantly introducing our customers to new wines, allowing them to add some pizzazz to their wine cellars. She also organizes wine tastings for charities, winemakers and private clients.  he most popular of these is a monthly tasting benefiting various local charities. Visit our event calendar to see what she'll be up to next.

Trevor Williams - Asst. General Manager

Originally from Texas, but raised in the Denver area, Trevor has been a member of the Argonaut team since 2016.  He started out as a stocker in the liquor department but quickly moved into a management role.  He is most passionate about whiskey and loves nothing more than discussing or recommending bourbon, scotch, etc. with both customers and coworkers alike. 

Dan Chacon – Beer Buyer

Dan first started working as a beer stocker at Argonaut in 2007. He saw the potential for the expansion of the beer department at Argonaut due to the ever changing and rapidly growing beer market at the time. So he proactively helped develop and expand the beer department into what it is today. Dan loves beer and all the exciting innovations the creative industry has to offer and works hard to reflect that in the store to our customers so they can enjoy what it has to offer as well.

Brian Watson

Brian started working for Argonaut as a cashier in 1987. It is still a running joke that Mr. Fetter required him to cut his hair as a condition of employment. A degree in Finance & Marketing from the University of Denver probably factored into his promotion from the front of the store to running the office, but the main reason is that he loves working at Argonaut? Ask him and he'll laugh and tell you, "Yeah, I actually like my job.”

Jennifer Lyons

Originally born in New Jersey, Jen moved to Colorado in June 1998 for a new adventure. She has found her adventure in her career with Argonaut. Jennifer has been working with us since November of 1999. She has been an event planner since day one. With over 18 years of experience in the liquor industry, and a background in corporate retail management, she has built an extensive network within the Denver catering and liquor market. Her knowledge and experience allow her to make your liquor purchase as easy as possible. As the Office Manager, she oversees all catering sales and daily store business. She works closely with all of our distribution partners and buyers to ensure accuracy with our inventory and pricing. She has been a TIPS Trainer for 13 years and is also a certified CLBA Responsible Vendor Trainer for the store.  During her time off she enjoys camping with her husband, two kids and two dogs.

Hank Robinson

Hank Robinson: In 1965, Hank's passion for fine wine and spirits led him to open a little neighborhood liquor store that he named Argonaut.  All that's left of the original building is a single brick that Hank uses as a doorstop, but Hank’s love of wine and commitment to customer service are still the foundation of our family liquor store. Hank passed away in 2018, at the age of 96. 


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