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Kiku-Masamune Taru Sake 200ml
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Kiku-Masamune Taru Sake

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Category Junmai
Origin Japan
Brand Kiku-Masamune
Alcohol/vol 14%

"Taru Sake" is characterized by its refreshing taste and the wooden aroma of "Yoshino Cedar".This is aged in a cask and bottled when the cedar aroma is best for drinking. Fresh wooden flavor of cedar barrel, dry, sharp and crisp tail.

 Authentically-brewed Dry Junmai Sake is sealed into New Casks of Yoshino Cedar, and is only broken open for bottling once the sake reaches Kiku-Masamune's standard of excellence. We invite you to experience the invigorating cedar aroma and soft yet bright flavors. A nod to the Edo Period of Japan, when sake first started being produced on an industrial level, and was stored and transported in large wooden barrels by ship.

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